What is available for my family
Email Susanna@hhhministries.org for your own fact sheet, resource guide and 5 steps to an internet safe family home.
  1. Bark, Qustodio, Covenant Eyes 
  2. Protectyoungeyes.org  Teach Your Child about the dangers of Porn 
  3. Microsoft monitoring step by step guide  found on my fb.me//hhhministries.org
  4. https://www.theparentingdare.com/ Helpful online series/ guide to discuss pornography.
Important key Notes: 
  • Relationship building with your child 
    • Start with increasing your prayer life
    • Two primary emotions Love and Fear (A non judging parent builds a safe place to talk)
    • Know what motivates your child/Know your child’s triggers
    • Engage with peers and your child as a first priority.
    • Coach- encourage, praise, educate your child when  opportunity arises not in the moment
    • Give your children opportunity to grow and make choices when they can.__
    • Say “Yes” as often and when you can, when appropriate
5. Steps to take to protect my family
  1. Teach your children about pornography and learn the can do plan at protectyoungeyes.org
  2. Place monitoring apps on your children’s electronic devices.
  3. Understand how our brain works.
    1. Beyond Consequences- Logic and Control Health T Forbes
    2. The Whole Brain Child Daniel J Siegel
    3. Explosive Child Dr. Ross Green --Collaborative problem solving.
    4. Praying Circles around Your Children  Mark Batterson
  4. Make a contract ***
  5. Be more AWARE of the dangers. Have open communication.
    1. https://smartsocial.com/blog/
    2. https://savethekids.us
    3. https://commonsense.org
    4. https://fightthenewdrug.org