KNOW? 93% of boys and 62% of girls are exposed to porn before 18
Workshops: Are you sure your kids are safe online!?

It takes more than 30 clicks to add a safety feature and only 2 to have access to online dangers.

Today's predators message and follow thousands of teens and children through instagram, Facebook, snap chat and other social media platforms. A recent study showed 95% of teens have access to a smart phone and 45 % to online almost constantly. 75% of teens have Instagram now listed as the number #1 app for child grooming.

Workshop presented by a Licensed Clinical Child and Family Social Worker . Workshop designed to raise awareness and to:

· Equip parents raising children and adolescents in a social media and internet filled society.

· Topics will include current facts of social media and the effects on children/adolescents, pornography, sexting and other risky behaviors, as well as monitoring options, tips and tools to keep children protected and safe online.