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5 steps to take -How to talk to your kids about phone monitoring after they already have a phone.

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

How to talk with your kids about monitoring their phone. Once I realized what an awful mistake I had made way late into the game after giving our oldest a phone at the age of 9 and letting our other 4 children watch YouTube! I began to struggle as I realized that I had given my 9 yr old a touch of everything bad in the world through the eyes of the internet! I quickly realized I had to retract what I had done and allowed in my own home. I went on a mission to education myself and began researching like a crazy mom on how to keep kids safe online! Then I had to talk to my children about the following: Here is what has worked.

1. Start conversating: Over a week or two began making small brief conversations around what your son or daughter is up to on their phone and let them know you would like to be more involved with what they are up too. Ask them what apps they have!

2. Mention monitoring: Gradually begin to discuss topics of how much time he/she may be on the phone. Bring about awareness. And let them know your considering putting a monitoring device on their phones for their safety and to help keep them aware. Back off as needed. Be sensitive to their outbursts as in...ignore the heck out of them. Hope like hell that you have it in you to stay calm. :) Keep on discussing it as you can and you feel that it will be heard.

3. Bring out the facts!: Flat out say do you know that pornography is a public health issue. It harms you in three serious ways. 1. relationships. 2. your brain and 3. the community. Share with them your plan to start discussing this topic. Let them know the internet is not where you want them to learn about sex. Let them know the internet displays things in a more un-realistic often times aggressive, inappropriate and harmful way.

4. Look for opportunities: to adjust and make changes. Example your son/dtr wants the brand new iphone287zxyfr (k I obviously don't even know what iPhone is out) so you say, Okay I'm "down" as long you let me put a monitoring device on the new phone. (PS iPhone are harder to monitor than androids) Or negotiate goals/rewards/gifts. DO WHAT IT TAKES TO have control over you son/dtrs phone as needed. See my resources and links page on the website and on my Facebook page for how to monitor devices.

5. Last step ask God: Give God a chance to help even if its as simple as "God help me please". Don't give up until you have your son/dtrs phone monitored.

reach out if you need me!

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5 steps to take to keep your kids safe online: 1. Verbal or written contract. * include one simple concept with teens (KEEP IT PG-13) 2. Put safety/monitoring app on ALL electronic devices. 3. Educate