Programs offered:
Equine/riding lessons:
Purpose and evidence based driven lessons shown to improve by:
Horses mimic healthy relationship building.
Horses are a great pro-social activity and learning opportunity.
Horses help improve brain balance, decision making and has shown to increase confidence and self-control.
Individual Therapy/Mentoring approach
Work on DBT/CBT cognitive therapy combined with the use of horses.
Purpose: Change thought patterns
Faith building exercises


Parenting tools
Adolescent and parent relationship building
Peer/relationship building
Horse-Club nights
Internet safe families (see other tab)
Club nights 7 week sessions

Works to improve and normalize struggles amongst similar age teens. Bullying, negative thought patterns, peer struggles, support for each other. Creates a learning environment for horsemanship skills.
Creates a team building/thinking environment.
Builds and encourages utilizing strengths for personal growth: Goal setting, journaling, riding, brainstorming. Career mindfulness and planning options.